Advance engineering services

In addition to our in-house power system services, EAMEC also offers an array of advanced service solutions, providing clients with the most comprehensive engineering services for their power systems. 

We can provide a number of onsite assessment services aimed at improving power quality, energy efficiency and enhanced reliability and safety in the electrical system. 
Our advanced engineering services are listed below:
EAMEC is a full-service power quality consulting firm dedicated to providing clients with a complete analysis of their electrical systems. We identify system problems, review operational integrity and safety issues, and make recommendations for procedures and equipment designed to correct or avoid future problems.
 Our Power Quality professionals can provide your facilities and systems with a Power Quality Site Audit to identify the issues that are affecting your system. An audit includes an in-depth power quality survey of the electrical distribution and grounding system.
Measurement of critical power quality characteristics, including voltage, current, power harmonics (snapshot and trending), and disturbance events at all major points of transformation within the plant (Point of Common Coupling to low voltage level).
The types of problems we regularly encounter and correct include:
Harmonic distortion 
Resonance issues
Voltage sags and surges
Momentary power interruptions
Extended power interruptions
Grounding issues
High speed transients
Electrical noise
Lightning damage 
We identify these problems through:
Harmonic Analysis
Power Quality Investigations and Surveys
Field Harmonic Measurements
The final engineering report includes analysis of results and a detailed engineering report complete with recommendations.
If applicable, an analysis of the impact and performance of any existing or proposed power factor correction on the system is provided. 
Occurrences of unacceptable over voltage increased harmonic distortion and possible resonance conditions are identified.
Evaluation of mitigation options for identified power quality concerns (such as load balancing, harmonic cancellation, harmonic filter sizing, and reduction of voltage surge or sags) and potential opportunities for enhancement of the site operation. 

Arc Flash Mitigation
Arc Flash labeling
Integration of Arc Protection Systems (Arc Flash relays and sensors)
Incident investigations and root cause analysis
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) survey

Power systems stabitity and interconnection studies and audit
Infrared scanning and analysis
Prepare relay setting files
Preventive Maintenance tests
Start-up and commissioning
Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) 
Developing Maintenance Procedures and Test sheets


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