Electrical engineering design

The professionals at EAMEC have an extensive history of designing all aspects of electrical systems required to deliver reliable power from the generation bus to the loads. The diversity in disciplines and expertise of our engineers and technicians, combined with our project management knowledge, allow EAMEC to provide professional designs at a comprehensive level.
EAMEC is fully capable of supporting our clients on a wide variety of projects, from large projects with complex requirements to small projects that require cost-effective solutions. We utilize the latest available technologies in order to be efficient and accurate with our designs and stay current with leading industry standards. 
The EAMEC team can lead or assist your team with the following types of design work:
High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage system design
Motor Control Centres (MCC) and Switchgear design
Interconnections and system stabilities
Emergency system design
Substation design( Electrical, mechanical and civil engineering)
Cable trays and grounding design
Lighting system design
Overall Plant Single Line Diagram (SLD) 
Protection and control design
Transmission and distribution line design (Overhead and underground)
Instrumentation and Automation design
Prepare Construction Work Package (CWP)
Prepare Project Execution Plan(PEP)
Electrical Cost Estimates and  Procurement


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