System reliability services

Risk analysis and reliability studies are essential tools for developing and maintaining a power system. Eamec’s Power System Reliability Study provides the information necessary to upgrade and maintain your power delivery infrastructure. The results focus on reducing operating costs, improving efficiency, increasing reliability, and improving system maintainability.

Eamec engineers can conduct a thorough assessment of your existing system to identify points of failure within the system. We’ll investigate the number of redundancies designed into your electrical system and determine the likelihood of a power interruption under normal or compromised power conditions.
Once the assessment is complete, based on the latest standards and regulatory requirements we provide recommendations on how to maintain your system more efficiently and how to improve your system design to ensure continuous operation under all foreseeable circumstances.
The following are the reliability services we provide:
Equipment Reliability Analysis
Criticality Analysis
Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
Spare and stock strategy developments
Equipment Strategy Data Sheet Development
Develop maintenance procedures and check sheets
Model reliability characteristics of each system component
Calculate bus and load point reliability indices
Calculate system reliability indices
Calculate reliability energy (cost) indices
Cyber security services
Calculate effect of simultaneous faults
System protection studies and modeling
Long-term planning & redundancy
Single & double contingency studies
Asset management
End-Of-Life and Life assessment
Life cycle management solutions
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